I was born in Tripoli, to Sicilian parents from Comiso, a town in the province of Ragusa. My adolescence in Comiso was very important to my development. It was a unique period in history (defined by the war, the arrival of the Allied Forces, the political parties, the farmers' struggle for the land, the readings, the discussions), which I experienced engaged in a dialectic with the comrades who I met during those years. My friends in my youth and the city of Tripoli inspired me to become active in the political struggle for Libya's independence and in union activities, which led to me and other comrades
being expelled from the country.
In Rome, in 1951, I came into contact with Meli, who was a
friend of mine during my adolescence. He introduced me to
the art world of Villa Massimo, where I met Guttuso,
Mazzacurati, Leoncillo, and Brunori, and to social
circles that were very different from those that I had
known until then. The artists and the cultural climate
in the early 1950s radically changed my life, and I
decided to pursue ceramics

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Nino Caruso

P.S. See "Nino Caruso/Ceramica Oltre", Hoepli 1998

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