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Gallery Omaggio agli Etruschi
Nino Caruso  
 homage to the etruscans - africa africa

They wrote:
Giancarlo Bojani
Vittorio Fagone
I read that 1985 was going to be the Year of the Etruscans and that it would be celebrated with a series of solo exhibitions in towns whose origin could be traced back to Etruscan civilisation, such as Orvieto, Perugia, Arezzo, and Florence. Since my work had always been influenced by ancient Mediterranean cultures, I proposed showing those works that I felt had the greatest affinity with Etruscan culture. The City of Orvieto accepted my proposal, and the exhibition, which I entitled "Homage to the Etruscans", was held in the convent of San Giovanni. Because of the great interest shown in Orvieto, it was decided that the exhibition should travel, and it was held in the Sangallo Fortress in Civita Castellana, in Ferrara (at Palazzo Massari, Palazzo dei Diamanti, the Lapidarium, and the Ducal Baths), at the Rotonda Antonelliana in Castellamonte, and at the Galleria dell'Incontro d'Arte in Rome.